Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Only My Music

I'm going to try something different here. I have a number of blogs where I mix personal stuff, work stuff and my music. This one is going to be a different in that I will only blog about music here.

To introduce myself, I was in a couple of bands 20-25 years ago in Newcastle, Australia and had a good time then, but i dropped out to make a living elsewhere, ending up here.

Back in 2005, my wife invited me to Coastfest. I met a whole lot of wonderful people and got involved with Brackets and Jam doing sound for the North monthly event and helping out with subsequent coastfest events.

Brackets also gave me the opportunity to start getting back into some performing in the shape of walk-ups.

In addition a few years back I started playing some of my own stuff and some covers live into Second Life in the persona of Tpenta Vanalten. I've met a lot of wonderful people and very helpful musicians all over the world through this fantastic social medium.

I play a bit of everything, as long as it can be done on an acoustic guitar (or maybe a uke). You can have a listen to some of what I've done in the following places.

I'm not quite sure what I'll be putting up here but it would be nice to get into some conversation on topics like, performing, songrwriting, recording, ... stuff like that. I may even talk about some of the folks I'm listening to, be they recorded, live, or live in second life.

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  1. Good Idea Tpenta.. Ill be checking in from time to time.