Friday, January 29, 2010

Australia Day Pass the Mike

On the evening before Australia day I got a message from Lacey that she wanted to get a few Australian Second Life performers together to play at her place (in Second Life) with a definitely Australian Theme.

So it ended up with four of us doing a "pass the mike" for four hours! The participants were:

I have to say I have not had so much fun performing in a long time (and I generally have fun performing). The format that we went for was simply three songs and then pass the stream to the next performer (well I did one set with two, but "The Band Played Waltzing Mathilda" runs about 8 minutes). For the most part we played a lot of Australian music, I did a few I wouldn't normally (what is Australia Day without Slim Dusty's "Pub with no Beer" ?).

Apparently for the four hours we had about 30 people listening constantly. We all had a fantastic time. I love this format!

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