Friday, August 13, 2010

New Mix Layout

I was feeling a bit constrained by my old layout. I couldn't do stereo in the mix (only in the rp-150 feeding the notebook) and I couldn't separate out how much reverb etc each channel got. As a result, I've moved things around a bit s per the picture. This has given me a lot more flexibility. I've changed the settings on the RP-150 so that it is no longer doing EQ (mixing what it output back into the mix sounded like speaking through a pipe). What it is doing is some reverb and Chorus. I've got the Mike adding a goodly amount of that effect in through the Aux send and just a little to the guitar. I've also played a little with the stereo field. Overall the sound I am getting out of the guiter is one hell of a lot crisper and I'm also pretty happy with what it's doing to my vocal

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